The Internal Revenue Service is actively soliciting the delinquent taxpayer to submit an Offer-In-Compromise. They want to first look at receiving payment in full, then establishing an installment agreement, and if those avenues don’t work, an Offer. As time goes on the likelihood, of receiving a full payment for the delinquent taxes declines, thus their interest in the Offer program.

Due to the actions of some promoters’ offers to “settle for pennies on the dollar,” the Internal Revenue Service has implemented a $150 fee for each Offer submitted. When we prepare and compute your Offer we don’t make claims unsupported by the facts of your case. Each Offer is unique and has to be carefully reviewed for accuracy and completeness.  The Internal Revenue Service is willing to give you a fresh start. Don’t delay in getting on with your life and getting the burden of your tax liability removed.

An Offer-In-Compromise is allowable under one of the following categories:

  • Doubt as to Liability – “I don’t think I owe this tax bill.”
  • Doubt as to Collectibility – “I can’t pay this amount, now or in the future.”
  • Effective Tax Administration – “Collecting from me just wouldn’t be fair.”

Once you have engaged Tax Defenders, LLC to represent you, the following occurs:

  • We review your situation
  • Prepare the necessary forms
  • Send them to the Internal Revenue Service
  • Answer any questions that come up
  • Assist you in complying with any of their requests for more information

Once the Offer-In-Compromise is approved, you will make the necessary payment and begin to enjoy life again!

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